Source code for simplestatistics.statistics.choose

from .factorial import factorial

[docs]def choose(n, k): """ The choose function calculates the `binomial coefficient`_ as used in combinatorics and other counting problems. .. _`binomial coefficient`: The binomical coefficient, written as :math:`n \\choose k` and often read aloud as ':math:`n` choose :math:`k`' is the answer to the question "how many ways are there to choose :math:`k` elements, regardless of their order, from a set of :math:`n` elements?". Equation: .. math:: \\frac{n!}{k! (n - k)!} Args: n: An integer. k: An integer. Returns: An integer. Examples: >>> choose(5, 3) 10 >>> choose(2.1, 5) Traceback (most recent call last): ... TypeError: choose() expects both n and k to be integers """ # choose works with integers if type(n) is float or type(k) is float: raise TypeError('choose() expects both n and k to be integers') numerator = factorial(n) denomerator = factorial(k) * factorial(n - k) return(int(numerator / denomerator))